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This weblog is about sharing with you what is on my mind and help you leverage your mindset.

What Is On My Mind

I’m not going to give you a piece of my mind because I need all that I have. Instead, I want to share the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years and still learning everyday.

Since there are different types of learners I’ll share that knowledge in the following formats text, audio recordings, and video’s. This will allow for the best learning experience possible for all types of learners.

Where did the idea come from? When family, friends, and other people had questions or problems with there computer they would ask for my help. I considered myself of having general knowledge only in a few subjects.

They encouraged me to share the knowledge I have so that others may benefit. So I decided to start my on personal blog.

Some types of knowledge is hard to find. In some cases finding someone willing to share that information is even harder. So, here at www.frankiecooper.com I will share inside information about…

  • Delicious Recipes: Revealing some of my favorite food and drink mixtures.
  • Habits: Sharing some inside secrets on making life changes for the better by leveraging your mindset.
  • Technology: Some of my interest or hobbies is Information Technology. So I’ll share some stuff about personal computer software, hardware, performance issues, and antiviruses. Also, I’ll include some programming languages like AutoIt Script, Microsoft Excel Visual Basic, and others as I learn them. Then website graphic design, writing code, and webpage layouts will inserted on a regular basis.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY): Sometime I’ll write about projects I’m working on around the home like gardening, auto, and others. Oh yea, I can’t leave out out my pets either.

On occasions there may be some other topics that may creep in unaware.

Some of these topics will be covered as tutorials or reviews. Others will be giving useful resources to add to your current arsenal of tools.

To put it simple I want to share the general knowledge that I have to help others one blog post at a time.

Some ways to get in touch with me are though my contact page, Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. Other ways to follow me are Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

If you would would like receive updates then start by signing up for my newsletter or my RSS feed.

About Frankie Cooper (Personal):

In 1998 is when I got my first personal computer (PC). At the time flea markets had used PC’s everywhere at reasonable prices. It turned out to be one excellent and entertaining learning experience that I’ll never forget.

I found my true calling that I had been searching for. Curious if I would ever find a trade that would captivate my attention and stir up my passion. It turned out that as I began using the computer I would spend hours and hours learning as much as I could break’em then figure out how to repair’em.

That lead to learning how to build websites in 2003. Its been a journey that I would travel down again in a minute without question or hesitation. The only regret is that I should have learned more technical jargon along the way.

It has been hard but fun. Everyday technology is advancing quicker than most of us can keep up with. But that is what research is for, right?

Basically, I love to work with computers and programming. Also, I love to learn new ways to improve myself by leveraging my mindset, changing my habits, and to keep trying when it get tough.

That is the knowledge that Frankie Cooper will be happy to share with you.