Awkward Christmas moment: Cat fight over a bouquet of flowers

A failed attempt at surprise flower delivery on Christmas eve had led two Chinese office ladies getting locked in a cat fight. The two female employees have the exact same first and last names, which caused confusion over who on who the bouquet was intended for. After a heated argument, the office ladies got physical and couldn’t be separated. Police were even called to stop the two ladies from ringing each other’s jingle bells!


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Wedding Flowers in NYC

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Expert: Christine Holanda
Bio: Christine Holanda is a florist and the owner of Lily of the Valley Floral Design & Gift Shop in La Quinta, Calif.
Filmmaker: Gina Miller-Britton

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Bio: David Z. Ghoukassian, known to his fans as David Z, has created eye-catching floral arrangements for weddings, trade shows, corporate clients, and Beverly Hills “A-list” clients and celebrities.
Filmmaker: Eric Hagood

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Expert: Crystal Nassar
Bio: Crystal Nassar is a floral designer and part of a family-owned business, Tuscan Florist, with more than 30 years experience in the floral industry.
Filmmaker: Gina Miller-Britton