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Lizzie Bees did a very lovely job… The bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, and everything else they did for us was lovely. Communication was always excellent. Delivery was on time. They even delivered the bride and bridesmaids bouquets in little vases so that they could stay watered until we used them that evening. — Five Star Review from Amy L. on

Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe is your Dallas source for wedding flowers and wedding centerpieces. We delight in offering brides the very best in design for floral table centerpieces, bouquets, and altar flowers. Dress up the tables at your wedding reception with beautiful wedding centerpieces from Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe. We are experienced Dallas wedding florists, and know how to take the stress out of your special day. Leave it to us and let it be fabulous!

Your wedding bouquet is the definitive accessory for your wedding dress. No matter what time of year you are getting married, there’s an appropriate bouquet arrangement and design that will flatter your dress on this special day. A lot of brides don’t even recognize that there are various wedding bouquet designs to pick from and each one compliments a particular look or style that can take the wedding outfit from beautiful to spectacular.

To select the correct wedding flowers, discern your body size, the fashion of your wedding gown and the look you want to depict. To flatter a taller bride, or for the bride who wishes to look taller, a cascade bouquet is what you should get. This wedding bouquet is also a good option for the bride who wants to look slimmer. Because it’s a long bouquet that is rounded at the top and is pointy at the bottom, it makes the bride look taller and more slender. This wedding flower bouquet design is thought to be voluptuous and elegant, making it a clear choice for a more formal event.

The round bouquet is a timeless bouquet design that goes back long before the Victorian era. Round wedding flower bouquets, occasionally called a nosegay, can be ideal for a formal event, but works just as well in a more relaxed situation. On the other hand, a round bouquet may in fact make a bride’s hips look larger, as the round shape calls attention to the hips where the bouquet is usually carried. For Dallas brides with a petite body and slim figures, a round bouquet is ideal since the body lines will be in balance.

Formerly just a small and simple assembly of flowers, the wedding bouquet has progressed over time to the point where hundreds of dollars are now paid out on attractively designed and arranged elaborate wedding bouquets. While many brides still opt for the traditional white wedding bouquets, any color is appropriate for a modern wedding.

Wedding centerpieces are generally made using the same flowers and color scheme of the wedding flowers of the bride and her bridesmaids, and carry the color theme on into the reception and party after the wedding.

The majority of Dallas brides, moreover, will frequently have two bouquets. One ornate wedding bouquet is meant to be carried down the aisle during the ceremony and used in photographs while the other is usually smaller and meant to be tossed into the crowd of single girlfriends who will then go on to claw and scramble at each other in an effort to be the lucky girl who seizes the bouquet and so becomes the next lady predestined to be married. Contemporary florists take a lot of pride in the wedding bouquets they create and offer.

Seldom is the plain collection of daisies observed at modern weddings, although you will spot sunflower wedding bouquets at Dallas weddings with more relaxed wedding flowers. Alternatively, wedding bouquets now comprise a diversity of bouquet designs, including arrangements of roses, calla lily wedding bouquets, and sweet pea or conventional roses and white lilies. Even sunflowers have made it into contemporary wedding bouquet compositions. Seasonal flowers — for a fall wedding bouquet or a spring wedding bouquet — are popular with brides who want to be fashionably in season. For wedding flowers in Dallas, go with Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe!

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Creative Flower Arrnagement “Weaving Skill”
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Download Chic  Unique Flower Arrangements ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

Download Chic Unique Flower Arrangements by Julie Collins – mirror 1 —> mirror 2 —> mirror 3 –>–unique-flower-arrangements —————
Synopsis: Make your own stunning floral table centerpieces with this beautiful and practical guide to flower arranging from a team of award-winning master florists.
Arrangements to suit every occasion including weddings, Christmas, vintage tea parties, mother’s day, birthdays, family get-togethers and dinner parties, in a range of attractive styles and themes.
Step-by-step advice on how to create each chic and unique design, with a helpful visual breakdown of the elements needed for each arrangement.
An essential techniques section covers the basics of flower arranging giving you the floristry

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Flower Bouquet Cupcakes for Mother’s Day

Flower Bouquet Cupcakes for Mother’s Day

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Wedding Flowers with Wildabout Flowers – Wedding Show TV

Spring is here! And to celebrate, Wedding Show TV has gone all floral. This week, with help from Wildabout Flowers, we focus on the tricky task of theming flowers for your wedding

If you fancy taking a closer look at what Wildabout have to offer – why not take a trip to The National Wedding Show?

For more information about Wildabout Flowers please visit:

4 Tips for Picking a Bridesmaid Bouquet | Wedding Flowers

Watch more Wedding Flowers Guide videos:

Learn four tips about picking a bridesmaid bouquet from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.

There are really two ways to go when thinking about bridesmaid bouquets. You can do bridesmaid bouquets that are really just sort of a miniature version of the bridal bouquet. That’s always a sweet idea, very traditional. You have a larger, more elaborate bridal bouquet and then you have bridesmaids that are just that same arrangements but slightly smaller or with a different color ribbon or something that sort of in a mild way distinguishes them from the bridal bouquet.

Another idea that I really like is to do bridesmaid bouquets that are all one flower. Maybe take several of the flowers that are in the bridal bouquet and choose maybe four or five of them. For each of your individual bridesmaids do an all one-flower bouquet so that each bridesmaid is totally unique and has an individual look. It’s a really fun way to incorporate individuality into the wedding, because often you’re going to have bridesmaids who are all wearing the same dress. They feel like they have the same hair, the same makeup, but that their flowers could be a little bit different, although it’s picking up some element of the bridal bouquet. That way also then the bride is very, very special. The bride has her own bouquet that’s like nobody else’s. That’s a really sweet idea for bridesmaid bouquets.

You could also do bridesmaid bouquets that are just picking up on the color or the palette of the bridal bouquet. So the bride again is very unique and special and is highlighted. Then the bridesmaids have, let’s say, the bridal bouquet has reds and oranges and yellows in it, then one bridesmaid has an orange bouquet, one bridesmaid has a red bouquet. You can pick up some more array of palette that way.

Bridesmaid bouquets are a way to have fun. It really should be dictated by the bride. If you feel you want to be unique and special and have your bouquet be a singular element of the wedding, wonderful. There are other ways that you can distinguish the bridesmaids and make them feel special as well.

6 Tips for Picking a Floral Headpiece | Wedding Flowers

Watch more Wedding Flowers Guide videos:

Learn six tips for picking and wearing a floral headpiece from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.

I think it’s a really lovely thing to do a floral headpiece for your wedding. I think the best setting for a floral headpiece is definitely a garden wedding. Something romantic, angelic. Particularly, if your dress is something that’s maybe flow-y, or A-line or unstructured, I do really love that look. Something to think about when you’re planning for a floral headpiece would be to do a lot of gorgeous vines or tendrils. Use something like jasmine, which is beautifully fragrant and also has a very delicate look to it.

You can do some little tendrils draping, an unstructured look for a floral headpiece really is the best way to go. So thinking about the setting, whether or not it’s outdoors in a garden. It’s not really appropriate to do a floral headpiece for an indoor wedding. So to do something that’s really unstructured, kind of wild. Maybe a few clusters here and there of actual face flowers, like little sweetheart roses. But something really, really delicate and romantic and feminine for a floral headpiece.

5 Tips about Purple Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Watch more Wedding Flowers Guide videos:

Learn five tips about the best purple flowers for a wedding from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about floral arrangements.

Purple is such a gorgeous color, and it’s universally flattering. With flowers, in every season you have purple flowers available. So purple is a really good choice when thinking about wedding flowers, either for centerpieces or for bouquets.

A look I really love is to do purple in a whole, wide ombre spectrum, to do purples in everything from very light lavender purples all the way down to a rich, almost black purple. You will find a whole, wide variety of flowers in purple that can help you with this process.

For example, in a lavender, you can have actual lavender that you gather together and have sort of to provide texture in an arrangement or a bouquet. You can have lavender roses, lavender lilies, anything kind of sweet and delicate. Grape hyacinth comes in lavender, really, really beautiful.

Then all the way down to that dark black spectrum. Black calla lilies, we call them black, but they’re really a deep purple or magenta color. They can really add a beautiful depth to a bouquet or an arrangement.

So think about flowers even if you have a particular color picked out, like purple, think about doing a wide range or a spectrum of those colors in that hue. You’ll really be pleased, I think with the results.

Sizzix Daffodil Flower Arrangement
Join Sizzix resident DIY party expert Heidi Rew as she shows you how to make a beautiful daffodil flower arrangement with Sizzix Thinlits Die Set Flower Daffodil flowers. You can find that die set at Cut@Home:

How to make paper flower – Hibiscus

Beautiful and looks real, easy to make step by step method. Be careful while stretching the paper. The length of the stigma should not be more than three inches. The flower can be of any color, but the pips should be yellow.
For the stencils of the flower, follow the link below -

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Shabbychic loop flower tutorial.

Here are some flowers I have made and the tutorial for the shabbychic loop flower, I hope you like it :) Links below for my other flower tutorials.

DIY Wire Nail Polish Flowers

Cute flowers made with wire and nail polish, perfect for accessorizing jewellery, hair clips and much more!

UPDATE: Please click the link in the top right corner to view another version of this tutorial with clear sound

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Music: ‘Adventure Darling’ and ‘Springish’ by Gillicuddy. Available from

Ever After Wedding Flowers Centerpieces Lilies.avi

This popular centerpiece is slender and tall and can be done in any color combination. Here, the white callas and pink stargazers act as the color accents on black and white tables. Your wedding day will be beautiful – call Ever After Floral Design today and ask to speak with Helen, the lead designer. 305.825.5515.

Pink & White Wedding Flowers for Villanova PA

Ok, it’s our first wedding for Spring 2011! Watch us create these beautiful bridesmaids bouquets using pink ranunculus, stock, roses, spray roses, waxflower, and tulips. Also a bride’s bouquet in all ivory and white miniature calla lilies, tulips, and roses. Stay tuned for more table centerpieces for this wedding being delivered to the Villanova Conference Center in Radnor PA.
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Call 0418 310 793 Now and speak to Rachael about your special day.
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Rachaels Weddings In Bloom design beautiful wedding flowers ranging from bridal bouquets and ceremony displays all the way to reception flowers that will blow you away.
Planning your big day can be exhausting to say the least and the last thing you want is stress over flower design.
Rachael takes care of that and let’s you enjoy the day while looking stunning with a mix of both traditional and modern style bouquets and centre pieces.
Don’t be shy, give Rachael a call today on 0418 310 793 and make your special day one to remember!

Buy Online Sorry Flower Bouquet

Apologize to your friends, family or dear one with bunch of Sorry Flower Bouquet. Buy lovely Sorry Flower bouquet from SendFlowersAndMore and send your apology. Say I’m Sorry with beautiful Sorry Flower Bouquet.
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Flower Arrangements : How to Arrange Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are arranged in a very specific way because of the arrangement’s intended destination. Arrange funeral flowers with help from a floral design and event producer in this free video clip.

Expert: David Z. Ghoukassian
Bio: David Z. Ghoukassian, known to his fans as David Z, has created eye-catching floral arrangements for weddings, trade shows, corporate clients, and Beverly Hills “A-list” clients and celebrities.
Filmmaker: Eric Hagood

Series Description: With the proper technique you can create a flower arrangement for virtually any occasion. Learn about flower arrangements with help from a floral design and event producer in this free video series.